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A Marriage made in Data


The geek in me was hooked and I wasn’t the only one. Software training courses can be a bit tedious at times, the mornings tend to drag and there is usually a rush for the coffee machine at the first break. Not this one – 10:30 came and everyone stayed at their desks playing with this awesome new toy. Venn diagrams, pie charts, cutting segments as fast as you could think of clever criteria. “This is soooo cool!” said the bearded guy at the back. The girl next to me was cross-tabbing up a storm:

Gender = Male
Age between 30 and 35
Marital Status = Single
Salary > $100,000
City = Chicago

“Look, I found me some husbands!” she exclaimed with glee. She was disappointed to hear that the training data was anonymized, but at least she found a product she could love.

For the remainder for the blog visit: http://www.alterian.com/a-marriage-made-data/

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