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A little spark of madness


Football, football - oh, and more football, a racoon on a mission, the ones to watch at Cannes, and remembering Robin Williams.

Dust off your vuvuzelas, or should we say spoonsWorld Cup fever has landed.

Kicking things off, Robbie Williams breaks Russian law. Naturally.

McDelivery from Uber Eats is helping Italy’s 2006 World Cup winner, Andrea Pirlo find a team to support at this year’s tournament, after the nation failed to qualify for the first time since 1958.

Nike get behind front-runners, Brazil. Releasing their spot for Brazilian television, Nike Futebol Apresenta: Vain a Brasileiragem, fronted by Brazil’s new golden generation, one sassy kid in particular.

Back in the valley of doomed optimism, also known as IN-GER-LUND (must be said with over-flowing pint in hand, followed by racist slurs) a deep dive into the England squad-suit photo and what it says about their chances.

Frank Skinner, David Baddiel and a genuinely offensive haircut. A trio that shouldn’t work, but has us hooked: the science behind why ‘Three Lions’ is the perfect World Cup song.

In pubs, bonkers beer mats – celebrating some of the stranger moments of world cup tournaments gone by.

Football aside and over in Science, props to NASA. Get familiar with Ferrofluid, invented by the administration some 50 years ago, it now looks to change the way we fight cancer.

Everest is for the weak. One twenty-three storey building. One raccoon. The climb of our time.

The bromance to end all bromances, and perhaps more pressingly, life as we know it. Trump and Kim: god help us, god help us all.

A poignant reminder to look up from your phone. Look up from your computer. Open the blinds grandad.

‘If the industry wants to survive it has got to lose its obsession with data and go back to its roots’ says advertising legend, Sir John Hegarty as he tells Marketing Week why he believes technology will run out of innovation.

There’s no mistaking the handiwork of illustrator and animation director, Kyle Platts. Speaking at Nicer Tuesdays, he shares the dreamings behind his doodles and explains why teaching himself to animate was valuable to his practice.

Broccolatte? Broccoccino? It’s a no from us.

All things Cannes. Ahead of the Lions International festival next week; the ones to watch.

Looks like somebody was listening Roger - hold onto your newsfeeds, Instagram stories are now shoppable, making it easy for users to view, click and buy in no time at all.

Facebook, on the other hand, is tracking you in ways you never knew. Terrified? You should be.

Calling time on airbrushing and embracing realness, new research reveals a need for body positivity, diversity and strong women in beauty.

From working as zombies to finding the perfect space to house the madness, enter the wondrous world of Lord Whitney: a Leeds based art-direction and production studio team with only five employees to its name.

In keeping with the marvel of madness, HBO unveil their trailer for Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. An intimate look into the life and work of the late actor, a master of stage and comedy.

‘You’re only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it’ - Robin Williams


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