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A fishy customer engagement with Sainsburyâs social media marketers


Social is a beast of a media channel to tame. It's a new world where product is often promo, content is king and brands are all equal. To masterfully integate it into your marketing comms strategy requires confidence in both the strategic direction of social's contribution to your business as well as the deft 'real time' activation to deliver it.

Engaging in social media dialogue with customers is a minefield fraught with consequential dangers if you get it wrong, but a satisfied audience of just one if you get it right. In fact, it's should very much be home turf for direct marketers. Although sales don't always arrive close to the interaction. However, on occasion a brand will find they hit gold. It's then that your social reach goes from 1 to 1 to 1 to milllions.

Here’s a great example from Sainsbury's showcasing how to create positive and fun engagement with your customers when you get a ‘bite’ that they are happy to carp about. As well as a great way for @TeaAndCopy to boost their following too...

I hope you enjoy.


Christopher Brooks | Customer Experience Consultant & Director | Lexden

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