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Customer loyalty is a key factor in business today. Not only will it bring repeat business, which translates into more sales and profit, it also helps to keep your brand in their minds and more opportunities via word of mouth.

To increase the customer loyalty, you must establish a permanent personal relationship with each individual customer. Targeted communication according to their behaviour and interest, both online and offline, is an opportunity that you can’t miss out on.

Content communication is essential, if you know your client, you must to bring them content that exceeds their expectation and keep them interested in your brand. Product features aren’t enough with the rapid advance of the technology, so, you must stand out from the crowd with both content and format.

There are several benefits of direct mail which help you to create brand awareness and Welcome Packs are one of those printed communications that can give relevance to your brand.

A Welcome Pack can include:

  1. a welcome letter
  2. a membership card if applicable
  3. a cardholder, box or special envelope that shows that is a welcome pack
  4. a magazine, seasonal brochure or activity plan
  5. terms and conditions if applicable
  6. a manual of use of your product
  7. a referral letter

At Romax we manage a series of Welcomes Packs for clients such as DKMS and Southbank Centre, which help them to activate their customers increasing their referral programmes and renewing them after the end period. If you need inspiration for your company, please see below examples coming from our clients and other sources:


DKMS send a DNA Swab Pack composed of a pair of a sterile cotton-tipped buccal swab or buccal smear to collect DNA from the cells on the inside of a person's cheek, which is placed into a box, a welcome letter, a pre-paid envelope, and everything is put it on a labelled envelope.

The DKMS Welcome Pack is then later sent out which is composed of a membership card and cardholder, all enclosed into an envelope. Welcome Packs are sent to everyone who has returned the DNA Swab Pack.

Read the full DKMS Welcome Pack case study.

2. ZSL London Zoo

The ZSL London Zoo varies their welcome pack depending on their communication season. They include a welcome letter, a London Zoo map, a seasonal activities catalogue, children activities, animal stickers among other gadgets.

Marketing for London Zoo

3. SOE, Society of Operations Engineers

The Society of Operations Engineers sent a series of communications within their membership programme. They send communications to both payer and non-payer members. The welcome pack for paying members contains a welcome letter with an affixed matching personalised member plastic card. After the 12 months period, they sent also the annual member renewal mailing.

4. SK Telecom

The Korean SK Telecom created the membership card in an omnibus format, making a single large painting of 9 different cards with such themes are hope, imagination, courage, and purity. These words underscore the essence of the "T" brand, with each segment being categorised by age and by call pattern. By doing this they were able to satisfy customers looking their own "look."

The number of customers who visited their stores to issue new cards increased after advertising this program. Within three months, the issuance of membership cards was up 15.4% compared with the same period last year. The card renewal earned lots of positive response on social media.

Image source: Coloribus.

Image source: Coloribus.com

5. Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre Welcome Pack is composed of a welcome letter, a membership card holder and a plastic membership card. They also sent the annual member renewal communication. As part of their communication strategy, they change the welcome pack artwork, this year they have chosen a very bright yellow colour, which for sure stand out in their member's inbox.

6. Honda

Honda welcome pack campaign was created behind the idea of "the power of dreams." They sent a book which becomes the closest explanation of what males Honda the organisation that it is. Customers can read this and begin to believe that the impossible is possible - to believe in the Power of Dreams.

The result: the customer repurchase rates have risen by 3% (an extra £40M revenue) Furthermore, the feedback has been extremely positive including letters written on the blank ideas page of the book.

Image source: Coloribus.

7. MINI - Adventures Album

Every new MINI owner was mailed a pack including a MINI photo album. "Snapshots" cross-sold after-care services related to MINI Adventures, plus gave owners spaces for their own photos. Humorous "Guide to MINI etiquette" included in the pack.

Images source: Coloribus

The blog post was written by Nilda Cerna, Marketing Manager Romax Marketing & Distribution.

At Romax we manage the DKMS, SOE, Southbank Centre, Plus Net, among other clients, their membership card details printing, print welcome and renewal letter, fulfilment and their distribution across the UK and overseas.

Contact us for a bespoke Membership Marketing Solution: hello@romax.co.uk, +44 (0) 20 8293 8550

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