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6 Tactics For Boosting Client Experience


By: Hannah Williams

In our last blog, we looked at the thought leaders in the field of client experience. In this blog we will be looking at how we can improve client experience using media monitoring tools, as well as tips from some experts in client experience.

Why customer experience is important:

  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Drives customer loyalty
  • Reduces churn: Only 1/26 unhappy customers complain. The rest churn. (ThinkJar 2015)
  • Creates a competitive advantage

media monitoringListen

Listening to our audience is so important! How can we gauge how our customers feel if we don’t know what they are saying? Using a media monitoring tool, we can quickly sift through millions of news stories and social media posts to track what is being said about our brand. This is particularly necessary to increase customer satisfaction. For example, if we don’t know about a negative comment until it goes viral, it may be too late to prevent a PR crisis. Media monitoring enables us to keep track of anything related to our brand, competitors and industry in real-time. We can then analyse this data and make necessary changes to our customer experience strategy.

media monitoringAnalyse Data

Analysing our data from client surveys and social media buzz can indicate whether our customers are satisfied. Use a media monitoring tool such as Meltwater to find out what campaigns and interactions worked well. The sentiment metric is an effective way to get an overall picture of how our brands are doing. Media monitoring also helps us benchmark ourselves against competitors. By using a theme cloud we can get an idea of what they are doing customer experience wise and whether it seems to be working. We can then replicate similar tactics in our own strategy.

media monitoringReactive Engagement

Publically complaining on social media is becoming common practice for unsatisfied customers. These complaints sometimes go viral and can be damaging for our brand. Responding quickly to customer queries and complaints can help improve customer satisfaction. Media monitoring helps us to keep on top of our social media engagements. Meltwater’s Engagement tools allows users to assign particular cases to members of our team, ensuring our customers don’t get lost among dozens of other communications. This ensures a more personal and efficient experience, not to mention aligned external communications.

media monitoringProactive Engagement

Some unhappy customers don’t directly complain to a company, Meltwater has understood this challenge and provided a solution to this problem. By using the new Meltwater Executive Alerts tool, users can set geolocations as a metric to monitor conversations. This means that companies can see who has complained within a certain geo-fenced location. Say fans at a local football stadium complain that the hot dog queue takes too long, the club will now be able to understand such negative feedback without fans mentioning the club.

We can also boost our client experience by proactively engaging with customers. Using media monitoring we are able to spot a problem before the customer complaints. For example, searching through keywords related to our industry enables us to find customers even though they may not have directly mentioned our brand. One way we can proactively engage is by tracking our competitors. If someone is complaining about a competitor, we can ensure our own customer experience strategy is more competitive by eliminating tactics that are causing our competitors customers distress.

media monitoringPersonalisation

Ensure customers feel like the individuals they are. As mentioned in our last blog, Nike are industry role models when it comes to offering a personalised service. Whatever service we offer as a brand, there are ways to personalise customer experience. A clothing brand could offer personalised items, an airline a menu tailored to an individual’s likes/dislikes, a holiday company providing personalised itineraries or, a B2B company using personalised email campaigns. We have so much data on our customers that can use to tailor our products and services specifically to them. Ian Truscott, growth director at agency MRM Meteorite explains that ‘the consumer understands the data we’re collecting on them, and they are starting to expect a relationship with you that’s based on that data.”

media monitoringInnovation

Innovation with a customer centric focus kept in mind is a great way to improve customer experience. Amazon does this to a high standard, for example, they have tapped into the on-demand market by providing next and same day delivery. Finding ways to make a customer’s life easier or more convenient, is going to boost their overall experience. We can use a media monitoring tool to find out what our customers want by tracking industry keywords so that we can jump on developing industry trends. Ensuring we’re the first to market can help secure a competitive advantage.

Well, that’s about it for today! If you haven’t already, check out our last blog ‘Top 6 client experience thought leaders to follow’

To find out more about Meltwater’s Executive Alerts tool or Media Monitoring, drop us an email –hello@meltwater.com

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