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5 Tips You Need to Know to Improve Twitter Conversions


Author: Alicia Honeycutt

Did you know the best way to promote your product or service on Twitter is by conversion marketing? It’s getting your followers to visit your website and do what you wanted them to do in your “call to action” tweets. So how can you get the 300+ million active users to download, subscribe or buy your offering? For that, you need to know how to get your followers to engage with your content first. While you may imagine it’s no easy feat, here are tips to show you the ropes that improve your twitter conversions.

Be Positive and Uplifting in Your Delivery

Most companies create a twitter account to post about their company a few times a week and follow relevant users, hoping for the best. While it may be a good strategy, it’s not enough. Twitter is a unique social media platform where the more you connect with people, the more rewarding your efforts will be. You need to pay attention to your tweet content. For example, instead of saying “you could get injured if you don’t know these tips” say “protect you and your family with these tips”. Twisting the message to a more positive and uplifting tone will get you more likes, shares, and mentions!

Only Use Quality Proven Sources

There is much talk about the right time to tweet to get more marketing conversions. This may be true, but unless you share what is valuable and relevant to your readers, there will be no engagement, even at the ideal times of the day. You want to share content authentic to your product or service. For example, for a fashionable dress boutique sharing relevant posts about the latest trends, look-books or how-to videos is valuable for your followers. There is little room for engagement if you only post about your latest collection at the store.

Use Relevant Hashtags but Don’t Overdo it

Hashtags are relevant keywords that get your post featured in searches. Some ignore hashtags and think it’s so ridiculous, but the pound sign has great potential. Anyone interested in the hashtag will search on twitter and may stumble upon your post! Besides, with hashtags, you can create a trend or discussions. Hashtags offer 50% more, that is a double engagement potential than tweeting without. The thing about hashtags is that if you get carried away and pound sign over two, it affects the total readability of your post. So be mindful and if you must, add your multiple hashtags at the end of your post, after the link (if any).

Be Sure @mention the Sources in the Text

Mentions from any user on Twitter can make users feel special. Why? It shows that you took the time and effort to tag them. When their followers see the chat, it makes some users feel good about themselves. Mentions show that the post wasn’t auto-generated. Instead, it was a personal response. Most people appreciate the element of surprise that pops during the day. This appreciation gets you retweets and viola! This is exactly the kind of marketing conversion you were aiming for. For the best reward, respond within the hour of a mention and always mention the sources as much as possible so you can get some shares.

Track Unfollowers and Inactive Accounts

Organising your follower list is an effective way to get your analytics right. Many users start an account on Twitter only to stop using it or change it to another account after a while. Other times you may follow many irrelevant accounts, adding unnecessary volume to your inbox and cluttering your news feed. With relevant users, you can get a lot of useful information. Use this to improve your branding and target only relevant audiences. Besides, you can also improve your marketing conversions with increased engagement. Effective tools, such as Meltwater Engage can help you clean your twitter account.


  • Be professional and always be positive.
  • Make a personal connection with quick replies and mentions to increases user engagement.
  • Don’t confuse your audience with too many hashtags.
  • Examine your twitter analytics and use information to your advantage.
  • Organize your account periodically to ensure your followers are relevant to your business.

So, what are your Twitter conversion tips?

Alice Clarke is a marketing expert and a freelance writer at Top Aussie Review. She is a creative thinker who can create writing masterpieces.

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