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3 Ways to Win Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing in the UK


This blog originally appeared on persado.com/insights. View the original here and see more global insights here. It’s beginning to look a lot like...Black Friday and Cyber Monday for retailers around the globe. It can be hard to get into winter holiday mode when it’s still possible to fry an egg on a pavement, but holiday bells will be ringing soon. To ensure the season is a merry one, we examined 2017 UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing emails to find the top performing words, phrases and emotions to use in travel and retail campaigns. Consider it an early holiday gift from us to you.


Winning Message: You’re on our list for Black Friday deals
Control: “Hurry! Last day to find out your mystery offer”

Exclusivity is on the list! The emotion, which implies or states the recipient's unique privilege in receiving the email, is a top-performer in UK marketing campaigns. And on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s a clear winner. Phrases that point to special perks, VIP treatment and luxurious experiences are all examples of this emotion. In the case above, a top retailer swapped Exclusivity (you’re on the list) for Urgency (hurry!) and saw its message receive 20% more opens and clicks.


Winning Message: Well done! You’ve unlocked new Black Friday deals
Control: Our Latest Non-Stop Price Drops | Deals on Home, Tech & more

Also a favorite of US customers, Achievement praises or rewards a person for an implied accomplishment. It’s solid — who wouldn’t like a little praise, especially during the holidays when the in-laws have an opinion on everything? — particularly when you double up on phrases that evoke the emotion. Take a look at what this top eCommerce website did in a Black Friday email to UK consumers last year — “well done” and “you’ve unlocked” are both classified as Achievement phrases, and it earned the brand an 18% performance uplift. The control? It was void of emotion.


Winning Message: To: you, from: us. You’re on the list for something brilliant
Control: “Hello friend! We’re revealing something excellent”

The holidays tend to naturally evoke Intimacy — hot chocolate by the fireplace, Christmas dinner with family and special gifts from loved ones. It’s no surprise, then, that Intimacy, which addresses or salutes a customer in a formal or informal way that implies a relationship, is a top performer during the most wonderful time of year. A top eCommerce website saw a 15% increase in message performance by incorporating Intimacy into a subject line last year.

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