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3 Ways to Achieve Successful Customer Communications


We talk a lot about workflow at Solimar Systems. It wasn’t always that way…when we started out in the early ‘90s, we talked a lot more about things like bus and tag and point solutions for working with the transformation of a single print data language (PDL) to another to make it possible to print on devices that were from different manufacturers.

The ironic part of the evolution is that not all workflows producing communications are created equal. Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology in the print and digital delivery space is not one that gets ripped and replaced easily. And there has been a volley match back and forth on building or buying solutions. The result is that there are many workflows that run critical, government regulated communications that utilise a mix of technology from decades past and today’s latest innovations. For those producing less time-sensitive materials, say in commercial print, you might also experience this technology disconnect.

We are just too connected today—and appified—to let this situation stand. Here are three good reasons why you need oversight in your communications workflow today:

1. Workflow Accountability

When you stand back and look at the processes a file or job takes through your end-to-end workflow), the question a consultant would ask is: Do you know where that job is at every touch point? If your jobs flow through your workflow but are hard to pinpoint at every touch point…we want to talk to you. The fast-paced nature of our communications and the expectations we all have as consumers demands that we are able to report on the status of a job anytime and anywhere. Wouldn't it be nice to have a GPS for your jobs, one that will give you the security and oversight necessary to catch challenges before they turn into major business problems?

2. Peace-of-Mind from Anywhere

When you leave work at night, do you still have that warm fuzzy feeling that everything is going to be okay? Or what about when you go on vacation or have to take a business trip that keeps you off-site for a few days? Many of the organisations we talk to today have a level of visibility into their operations while they are near the production floor; it is when they leave that things start to get a little hazy. With the great relationships we have with our clients, this pain point became clear, which is why we developed a mobile visibility solution to address this. The web-based, mobile friendly solution is designed for organisations that want to see what is happening in their environment anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it has the added-value of being able to give your customer insight into where their jobs are in your environment—a potential to lessen calls inquiring about status. Another great feature is the triggered email alerts. So, why not sleep well at night and focus on that business opportunity whilst we give you the insight when and where you need it.

3. Business Process Improvements

One of our missions at Solimar is to help our clients make their workflows more efficient. Looking back at your operations, think about the number of manual processes you have. Now consider the amount of time those manual processes take and the value that a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) worker would provide doing more skilled tasks for your team. And if you are an organisation that has removed all the manual processes already, we would invite you to take a look at how you can make your process easier to report on and, perhaps, consolidated to a less number of vendors. Our Chemistry™ platform of workflow solutions, seamlessly integrate with eachother and through open API's work with other vendor platforms which means we are able to deliver significant value in re-engineering, automation, tracking, and reporting while offering innovative solutions for customer engagement around Augmented Reality (AR). Having oversight in your operation is one step beyond visibility—it means you can actually take action once you identify a problem. That is what the modular Chemistry™ platform brings to print and digital communications workflows.

So, are you ready to add piece-of-mind and efficiency to your operations? We believe that you will see a significant impact with a Solimar solution. To see how our solutions have helped others, we invite you to review our case study page. Then feel free to contact us so we can help you chart your course to complete workflow oversight and assurance.

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