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The three bears - but not as you know them, a trip to the 13th floor, how adidas Football rewrote its marketing script and many, many pink kittens.

Ghosts. Ghouls. Air pollution.

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, what’s spooking the ad industry this year?

Don’t go the 13th floor.

In spirit of the October holiday, Fanta have created an elevator-crash VR experience, which is about as harrowing as it sounds.

Coca-Cola’s biggest ever investment in Halloween also features a real-life elevator experience in London and Surrey, limited edition packaging by Israeli designer Noma Bar and exclusive Snapchat filters.

Electronica musician, Aphex Twin has continuously shunned requests to use his biggest hit Windowlicker for adverts, but has granted AMV BBDO permission to use the song in their latest ad. Watch out for the pink kitten.

Following an increase in the penalties for using your phone whilst driving in March this year, Think!’s latest ad features 100 pink kittens and aims to educate young drivers on how much you miss when you glance at your mobile.

The summer of 2014. Gwyneth and Chris consciously uncoupled, Sharknado 2 genuinely made it to cinema screens and Macaulay Culkin wore a T-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin.

Additionally, adidas Football released their advert for the 2014 World Cup.

And what a difference three years can make. As excitement for next summer’s big event continues to grow, Creative Review’s Eliza Williams talks to the brand’s Senior Director of Global Brand Communications, Florian Alt, about how adidas Football rewrote its marketing script.

Behind the scenes footage withheld by Universal for nearly 20 years. Netflix’s latest trailer for Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond offers an intriguing preview into Carrey’s method portrayal of his idol, Andy Kaufman – premiering on November 17.

Following Cindy Gallop’s request for anonymous reports of sexual harassment, Mark Ritson speaks out on why only the industry’s Weinsteins should fear the naming of names.

Is the model of online advertising already far beyond its sell-by date? The top 10 reasons it must change.

Peckish? Posters good enough to eat.

Dreaming of an internal spring, fashion and film collide in H&M’s latest four minute flourish of young good looking people being young and good looking. Shot by Director, Baz Lurmann, the cinematic short brings a touch of Gatsby opulence to proceedings for the brand’s latest Erdem collection.

The Three Bears, but not as you know them.

Meet Matt, Joel and Phil – the hot new trio from Rowse Honey.

Created by agency, BMB the ad is the first of three episodes starring the three gay housemates, starring former Olympic canoeist, Matt Lister who states ‘certain groups have been under-represented in the media, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to feature in The Three Bears.

Getting away? Take a friend.

Long live Polaroid.

Surviving the turmoil of the digital age, against all the odds, the brand is about to launch its first new analogue camera since 2003. Paying special thanks to a Netflix sci-fi hit, the brand’s head of global marketing, Martin Franklin says ‘thanks to Stranger Things, people are enamoured by the 1970s and 1980s aesthetic’ he adds ‘it really hasn’t lost its magic from 1972 when it debuted.’

Speaking of which, stock up on Eggos, get your fairy lights down from the loft and prepare to re-enter the world of the Upside Down – Stranger Things is back. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of season two.

And to end, at the news of Rock’n’Roll losing another of its greats, we take you to where else, but Blueberry Hill.

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