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10 Tips for Following up Seminar Attendees


Now take the next step and follow up with those who attended to get their opinions.

Follow up phone calls make the client feel important, like taking the time to attend your seminar was valued and appreciated. Make the phone call memorable by using these ten tips for a successful follow up after a seminar.

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1. Set up a follow up date

One of the most important tools in establishing a quality follow up call with an attendee is to establish a follow up date. When sending out the initial invite email or making the invitation phone call, ask the client to provide a potential follow up date to discuss his/her experience.

2. Send a Reminder

The day before the follow up phone call is to be made, send a brief email to the client reminding them of your appointment. The email should be short and decrease any concern. The subject line should be brief enough to get the client to open the email.

The information in the email should be short and simply state the date of the appointment, how long the call will take, and what will be discussed. Remember to include the phrase “if any”. It decreases stress and concern that a commitment has to be made.

3. Add a P.S. Note

Although this requires some homework on your part, take some time to send the client a short article to read in your follow up reminder email. This will show the client that you care about their interests.

4. Be on Time!

It is not just the client’s job to be available to take your call, but you must be available to make the call to them! If you are on time (within a five minute window), the client sees that you are serious in getting his/her opinion about the seminar.

5. Be Unique

Try to avoid the typical sales rep opening lines. By establishing an opening line that isn’t standard, your clients will be more enthusiastic to speak with you. Put your personality into it!

6. Be Personal

It’s important to engage with your client and relate to them. By stating their name, asking how they are doing, reminding them of who you are, it shows them they are not just another name on a list.

7. Refer to Previous Conversations

Clients are comforted by having the caller refer back to a previous conversation they had. It shows him/her that they are remembered and their opinion is important.

8. Be Persistent, but Not Annoying

Persistence is key in follow up phone calls. If the client does not answer the scheduled call, leave a voicemail that includes your name, reason for calling, any concerns you know the client originally had, and a time when you will call again.

An hour later, make a second phone call, but do not leave a voicemail. Call again in about half a day. This time leave a voicemail stating that this is the third time you have called and you would really like to follow up on the seminar and their opinion is important.

Following the half-day follow up, make four more calls to the client, but space them 3 business days apart to avoid sounding like a stalker or pest. Make sure your voicemails remain pleasant and enthusiastic; don’t get frustrated.

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9. Consider Another Option

Although not as personal, you may be able to get a response through email if the phone calls are not working. Perhaps something happened and the client is unable to be reached. Sending an email shows persistence, but do not send more than two.

10. Know when to quit

Sometimes people just do not have anything nice to say or are experiencing an event that takes priority over your call. Don’t take insult to it, just accept that this person is too busy or has no interest. You have plenty of other people to call and get opinions from.

After a successful seminar, it’s very easy to get carried away and forget the need to conduct a follow up exercise. However, when conducted properly, a follow up exercise can further enhance the good impression that the attendees had of your company. You will then be in a position to reap the benefits, such as, referrals and repeat purchases.

To discuss how Virtual Sales Limited can help with your Seminar Follow Ups and start growing your business today please call Andy Dickens on +44 (0)1403 788 481 or get in contact via our contact form.

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