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10 Essential Negotiation Skills for Salespeople


Original post can we found here http://www.virtual-sales.com/10-essential-negotiation-skills-for-salespeople/

And sometimes all in the space of a ten minute phone call!
The bottom line is this: To be a great sales person you need to hone your negotiation skills. Here are 10 key skills that all good sales people need to have:-

1. Enunciation
It might sound obvious, but a salesperson needs to have a very clear voice. When pitching, selling and explaining your product to your customer, make sure you enunciate. Try not to trip over words or trail off the end of your sentences. If the customer can understand you, your pitch to them becomes one step easier.

2. Rapport
It’s important to build a good relationship with your client. The best way to judge it is to get the balance right between a friendly but professional manner. You want the client to like you but take you and your product seriously. A little joke here and there doesn’t hurt, especially to break down the public’s assumption that salespeople are cold hearted capitalists who want their money!

3. Problem solving
Salespeople need to be experts at on the spot problem solving. It can make the difference between a sale and an ‘I’ll think about it’ line from the customer. If they throw up a problem, it’s up to you to solve it and reassure them there and then. This will also help instil trust.

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