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10 email tips to rule back to school


First, decide your goals and objectives.

No campaign can be deemed successful without clearly defined goal and objectives. What are your goals? Foot traffic or site traffic? Awareness or engagement? Defining your goals ensures your CTA is right.

Talk to the right audience.

Clarify who you are talking to – and what motivates them. Are you talking to mom or dad? Or are you talking to a child influencer? Are you talking to high school or college students? Think of the decision path, first as a customer, then as a marketer.

Provide an instrument for saving.

The Back to School season can be quite expensive, with buyers stocking up on essentials for the year. To capitalize on the short Back to School time frame, you should include discounts or deals in your emails. Stand out from your competitors by surprising and delighting your customers with a real steal.

To read the rest of our tips, and to download our handy infographic, click here.

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