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DMA | Organisation | Xynics Data Solutions Limited
Xynics Data Solutions Limited


6 Newton House
Northampton Science Park
Kings Park Road, Moulton Park
United Kingdom

We deliver intelligent data solutions.

Xynics delivers data driven solutions to empower customers to drive their business using leading technologies to transform data into engaging customer led strategies. We focus on four specialist business areas: Database; Marketing; Business Intelligence and; Data Collection Solutions. Our knowledge and skills allow us to work closely with you to design, build and host an integrated solution helping you to maximise return on investment for your business. Our full suite of services encompasses: Design & Development, Database Hosting, Data Integration & Processing, Data Cleansing & Enhancement, Campaign Management, Project Management, CRM, Business Process Consulting, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation & Reporting, Customer Insight, Surveys & Digital Data Collection and, Data Capture & Response Handling.