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Beaconsoft Limited


Beaconsoft Limited
Studio 11
30-38 Dock Street
West Yorkshire
LS10 1JF
United Kingdom

Beacon - Digital Campaign Intelligence

Beacon is the driving force of Digital Marketing Campaign Intelligence.

Beacon is a practical, easy-to-use SaaS marketing platform that allows you to take control of your digital marketing campaigns - to learn, improve and transform the effectiveness of digital marketing for agencies, businesses and not-for-profits.

Beacon enables digital marketers to quickly LEARN which digital channels and content drive visitors to their website, using that actionable information to IMPROVE website engagement and subsequent campaigns, and to then massively TRANSFORM campaign effectiveness to maximise marketing spend and improve business outcomes.

Beacon delivers the holy grail of digital marketing, delivering direct "posts to profit" attribution. As a standalone product or as part of your existing MarTech stack Beacon can deliver true Cost Per Engaged Visitor (CPEV) and, via standard interfaces, Revenue Per Engaged Visitor (RPEV) metrics. For the first time marketers can accurately compare costs and revenue across all digital channels, channel by channel, and with their off-line marketing efforts.

From one unified marketing dashboard, marketers use Beacon to manage and measure digital campaigns across all digital channels to drive traffic to their websites, to reveal:

  • where the visitors came from (which channels, content, geography and links)
  • are the visitors humans or bots (they need a pulse to do business with you)
  • where visitors go and what they do along the way
  • detailed analysis of visitor actions on individual web pages
  • the specific results of the visitor journeys (were the campaign goals and targets met?)

Beacon is all about helping marketers to create better marketing campaigns, giving actionable information that non-technical users can act upon quickly with practical business value rather than drowning in a sea of data and distraction.