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Holywell House
Osney Mead
United Kingdom

Customer-driven marketing. Fueled by email, powered by Adestra.

Who are we?

We've been empowering our clients to maximise marketing ROI through email-driven technology for over 10 years. Our flexible account structure, obsession with customer success, and award-winning service have gained the trust of global and growing brands alike.

Founded on the principle that marketing success takes more than technology, customer service is at the heart of our business. Adestra isn't just Software as a Service, it's Software AND a Service.

What makes us different?

Our Technology
Adestra's MessageFocus gives clients a uniquely scalable and configurable cloud-based email service platform. Our multi-tiered account structure allows you to structure your MessageFocus account around your business model, regardless of your company's size. From the moment you sign on with Adestra, our team becomes part of your team, so you achieve high impact marketing results.

Our People
At Adestra, we seek to provide the highest possible level of technical customer support and intelligent, innovative consultation. This means you can easily reach the support team on the channel that is most convenient for you: phone, live chat or email. And you can do this within minutes, not days. No ticketing. We couple this with our award-winning account management teams to ensure that each client receives regular and relevant strategic assistance.

Our approach to client service has helped us maintain our client retention rate of over 90%; something we are very proud of.

Our Deliverability
Your messages have the best chance of reaching your readers, because we take deliverability seriously. We have a proactive approach to deliverability, and ISP reputation management. You work hard to achieve and maintain your positive sender reputation. Our proactive approach to deliverability helps ensure it stays that way