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Frequently Asked Questions


DMA Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

The DMA Awards 2022 is where your work comes to prove itself; where you put it all to the test.

The Awards Team have put together their answers to a series of frequently asked questions about entering the awards.

If you have any questions not answered in this article, please get in touch with the Awards Team, who are on hand to help, at

1. You have to be a DMA Member to enter.

The DMAs are open to both Members and Non members, however, DMA Members receive a discount on entries. Email our commercial team to find out more about becoming a member, including the discounted entry fee.

  • DMA Member early bird - £250 (+VAT)
  • Non member early bird - £300 (+VAT)
  • DMA Member standard - £300 (+VAT)
  • Non member standard - £350 (+VAT)
  • DMA Member late - £350 (+VAT)
  • Non member late - £400 (+VAT)

Remember: the cost listed here is per category entered, not per campaign.

2. There are no discounts available.

For the first time ever, the DMA are offering a £50 price reduction off the cost of each entry for first time entrants. This will apply regardless of membership and throughout the early bird, standard, and late submission stages.

3. You have to be an agency to enter.

In 2020, 30% of our entries came from brands entering directly. We also received entries submitted directly by marketing services providers too.

4. You have to be a big agency to win.

There have been plenty of DMA Gold winners that were not big agencies. You can see our list of winners and their case studies here.

5. You have to be a London agency or brand to win.

The DMAs have had many regional entrants shortlisted and won. e.g. Armadillo and Tiny Giant, agencies from the West and CHAS, a charity from Scotland.

All entries are judged anonymously, so agency names can’t be seen. This is to avoid bias during the judging process.

6. You have to submit a video as part of your entry.

Videos are not mandatory, and not including one as part of your entry will not put your submission at a disadvantage. Judges read each entry in full AND review all supporting material before scoring each entry.

If you decide to add a video, each entry can be supported by one case study video. However, this video will not be viewed by our judges until the second round of judging. This will ensure a more level playing field for those not able to produce case study videos. In addition, you can upload a maximum of two video or audio files to support your entry. These must be campaign assets that ran as part of the live promotion.
7. Only entries with access to professional writers stand a chance of winning.

The DMA run free webinars and workshops to help entrants and offer them tips on how to make their entry the best it can be. Our Awards team are always on hand to support you. You can contact them at

List of Resources below:

8. It costs too much to go to the Awards if you’re shortlisted.

Attending the DMAs is not compulsory if you’re shortlisted. The DMA team works with their suppliers to ensure that the ticket cost includes all entertainment, food, and drinks on the night, so there are no hidden costs. We also check our prices each year against other industry awards to make sure we’re as inclusive as possible.

9. You have so many good regional awards, so a DMA won’t make a huge difference.

Brilliant! Winning both regional awards and national awards will make you stand above everyone. This is an opportunity to shine on a national platform.

10. You can’t enter, because your client won’t sign off on your entry as they’re worried about confidential information.

The DMA pride themselves on their confidentiality. The Awards team will happily have a discussion with your client to help put their mind at ease. A few processes we have in place are

  • All Judges and staff sign an NDA before judging commences
  • The entry form has a section entitled ‘for Judges’ eyes only’ for confidential information, which will never be used in the public domain or outside the judging room
  • The client receives a copy of the submission before finalisation, ensuring everyone is happy with what is disclosed

For further information on how to get client sign-off, please contact

11. You’ve entered before and haven’t been shortlisted or won, so you’re unlikely to do so this time.

Some entrants win the first time, but the DMAs are ‘rewardingly hard to win,’ so please persevere.

12. You can’t enter if you are confirmed to Judge.

Incorrect – all Judges are welcome to enter. We have a process in place to allow Judges to declare an interest, so work isn’t judged by those affiliated with the campaign. Our bespoke platform works outs an average based on the other Judges’ scores, so the work won’t be put at a disadvantage.

Charlotte and the Awards team are always on hand to answer any or as many questions as you like, please contact them for advice about entering the DMA Awards.

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Charlotte Gough

Head of Events and Awards

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