DMA Learning Academy

Thank you for joining the DMA Learning Academy at B2B Expo. You can now view the session recordings below to gain expert insights from us alongside industry-leading experts. Read on to see what’s on, from how to better engage your customers, to the reality of AI, to the future trends in the current global economy.

How to Win Trust and Loyalty

Has 2020 changed customer engagement and brand loyalty forever? Explore how the pandemic has altered the way we do business alongside Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA. Dissect our Customer Engagement research to learn the value of putting customers front and centre – and how the most successful brands do exactly that.

AI in Marketing: Hype or Hero?

Chaired by Richard Robinson, GM, LeadFamly, this panel discussion will cut through the tout and investigate the truth of AI. Join Scott Stockwell, Editor in Chief, IBM Europe; Kirsty Dawe, CEO, Webeo; and Chris Wilson, MD, Earnest to examine AI today and what it could mean for marketing, creativity, personalisation, and privacy.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Discover how utilising data, analytics, and tech can help brands – particularly B2B businesses – better understand the future economic impacts of the pandemic. Join Rachel Whitter, Head of Learning Solutions, DMA to find out the latest consumer sentiments and trends, plus how to deliver valuable customer experiences in our new world.

What's Happening in Email Deliverability?

Uncover ways you can move the email deliverability needle to drive up ROI. Dive into recent research, real-world examples, and practical guidance alongside the DMA and Guy Hansen, VP of Customer Engagement, Validity. Get to know the key challenges, subscriber behaviours, and how your email programme compares to the rest of the industry.

The Skills You Need to Succeed

Unpick the latest research from the IDM to discover the primary skill areas organisations need to develop their staff. Join Andy Dorling, General Manager, DMA to take an inside look into how these essential know-hows support the future growth and success of businesses.

The Future of B2B: Business Customers in a Post-Pandemic Economy

How have the shifts in our every-day interactions – from how and where we work to the ways we socialise and shop – impacted and continue to influence customers? Join Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA to explore the new ways customers browse, purchase, and consume products – for consumer-facing brands and beyond.

The New Rules of Policy for Data and Marketing

How do the leaps and bounds of tech, marketing, data, and AI play a role in our daily lives? Examine the latest policy and regulatory changes coming from the UK and Scottish Governments as a result of Brexit with Michael Sturrock, Head of Public Affairs, DMA – plus what this means for our industry.

Pathways to Creativity

What does creativity mean to consumers? Examine the latest research into how real people think about creativity, the ways they express it, and its value in their everyday lives. Through becoming a part of and enabling these passions, discover how brands can better engage their customers alongside Anna Frigerio, Insight Manager, DMA.

The Art of Strategic Campaign Briefing

How long do you spend on your campaign briefs? Do you touch base with each member of your marketing team or convey vague ideas to your creatives? Learn how a detailed, insightful, and collaborative brief can open the possibilities of multi-channel campaigns with Rachel Whitter, Head of Learning Solutions, IDM.