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Validity: Consumer Email Tracker


It's time to get on top of the do's and don'ts of email marketing by listening to the thoughts, hopes, and wishes of the people that matter the most: your customers.

Chaired by Guy Hanson, VP Customer Engagement, Validity, we'll present the findings of our Consumer Email Tracker and give you a first-up look at what consumers say about what you send them. You'll also hear from:

  • Hear from Nellie Melbourne, After Sales Marketing Manager, Toyota, Mike Hall,VP CRM, Bradley Guy, CRM Manager and Jo Rees, Account Director, Jellyfish on how they created their DMA Awards 2020 Gold Winning campaign in our Best Use of Email category
  • Dhiren Patel, Senior Marketing Manager, The Economist and Priyanka Roy, Director, Customer Success International, Validity who will feature in our panel discussion alongside other key email thought leaders
  • Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA, who will talk you through the finding of our Email Tracker Report to help you better understand your customers and how best to engage with them

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