A campaign born in Scotland – led by DMA Scotland – we join forces with partners and advocates across the UK to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information.

Scotland is a hub of data expertise, FinTech and exciting, innovative start-ups – the beating heart of a data agenda across the UK's data and marketing industry.

Introduction to Value of Data

An initiative born in Scotland, the DMA joins forces with partners and advocates as we seek to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information. Read on for an insight into the Value of Data project.

Value of Data: Made to measure

Rob Gray, managing/strategy partner, Squad, on the methods and tactics available to measuring data

Value of Data: Podcast with Firas Khnaisser

Check out DataIQ's brand new episode to hear Firas Khnaisser, Head of Decisioning at Standard Life, and Chair of DMA Scotland, talk all things concerning the DMA Value of Data campaign

Value of Data: Shifting values

This whitepaper helps kick-off our new campaign: Value of Data. Authored by University of Edinburgh academics Chris Speed and Ewa Luger, Shifting values represents an engaging introduction to the topic, and provides a navigable roadmap through a challenging ethical and legal landscape.