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Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan

Modedaweb Ltd
Director Marketing & Business Development

Paul Sullivan is the CEO and Head of Marketing at Modedaweb, an Inbound marketing agency and Hubspot agency partner. He is a marketing automation specialist, inbound speaker and marketing growth coach. He has been in marketing for over seven years and is qualified in both digital marketing and inbound marketing.

Pauls area of expertise are predominately around Finance and Fintech including Insurtech as well as Construction and Property. His experience is driven by twelve years plus financial services experience at banks such as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse First Boston and UBS.

More recently Paul has established the Inbound Marketing Academy for SME’s and Executives in an aim to bring marketing automation education to smaller businesses and organisations. An avid promoter of marketing automation and inbound marketing he is seen as a go to person in the industry.