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Nina Barakzai

Nina Barakzai

Sky Media
Group Head of Data Protection & Privacy

Nina Barakzai has been appointed President & Chair of In-House Counsel Worldwide and is Past Chair of the UK’s Commerce & Industry Group, representing UK in-house counsel. She is an accountant and solicitor and served as Board Member on the International Federation of Accountants’ International Ethics Standards Board.  Her professional experience is in compliance, ethics, privacy, corporate transactions, cloud services and social media and she serves on the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants’ Research Advisory Group, working on Big Data.  She is Group Head of Data Protection & Privacy for the Sky UK group of companies, handling all aspects of privacy, data governance anti bribery & corruption, anti-money laundering and whistle blowing.  She serves as Trustee for two community charities on a pro-bono basis.