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Neil Mackin

Neil Mackin

Neil is passionate about utilising data analytics to deliver meaningful value for organisations.

He has responsibility for designing and articulating how data analytics can be used to exploit information within the many and varied services that Capita delivers. Neil works across sectors as diverse as telco, utilities, banking, health, justice, central and local government.

His background specialisms include data mining for telco call analysis and setting up services that exploit data to personalise customer services and marketing. In the public sector, Neil has blended his personal research interests in theology and ethics into data led projects on community cohesion which seek to understand what makes societies sustainable at a neighbourhood level and how resources can be most effectively targeted.

His wider remit includes managing the analytics community across all Capita’s businesses.

Data is the lifeblood of everything we do and the ability to analyse it effectively is critical for empowering leaders. Understanding how to get hold of useful data, how to process it and use it to transform enables organisations not only to make the most of every consumer touchpoint by tailoring interactions just for them, but it also helps management to make the right strategic decisions such as whether to move into a new sector or commission new services. It provides the means to accurately predict customer behaviour and potentially disrupt whole industries.