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Creative Data Academy Scotland 2021: A look back at our three days

A group of 30 students, graduates and career changers from across Scotland and the UK joined us at Creative Data Academy Scotland last week, to help them find out what working in the data and marketing industry is like.

DigiConnect win DMA Talent's Marketing Challenge 2021

DigiConnect, a team formed of four students from Bournemouth University have been crowned winners of this year’s DMA Talent Marketing Challenge. Find out more about the challenge, the finalists, and the winning team.

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Marketing and Data Apprenticeships - A Great way to Build Your Talent Pool

Marketing apprenticeships are a great way to grow your talent pool, but where do you start to get talented apprentices into your marketing and data teams?

DMA Talent Marketing Challenge 2022 Entry Terms and Conditions

Entry Terms and Conditions for DMA Talent's Marketing Challenge 2022