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Datorama, a Salesforce company, provides the leading cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for enterprises, agencies, and publishers. Marketers use Datorama to bring together all of their data and take action on insights, optimizing every marketing investment and activity. More than 3,000 leading global agencies and brands — including PepsiCo, Ticketmaster, trivago, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, and Foursquare — optimize marketing campaigns, automate reporting, and make data-driven decisions faster with Datorama. Datorama integrates the myriad technologies used in today’s marketing and consumer engagement ecosystem so you can deliver exceptional, intelligent experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.

Make data-driven decisions with a marketing intelligence strategy.


Royal Mail MarketReach is designed to support business growth using mail. Our dedicated specialists have a unique set of skills, tools, and services to help you build your bottom line. If you’re considering using mail in your next marketing campaign contact us and find out how we can help you make the most of your investment. Our specialists will guide you through the process from concept generation, targeting, implementation, and analysis. And this support is completely free of charge. To find out more visit: https://www.marketreach.co.uk/contact


Thousands of organisations rely on Validity’s solutions to target, contact, engage, and keep customers – using trustworthy data as a key advantage. That’s why our strong relationship with the DMA is so important – we share common values when it comes to important themes like “Trust your data” and “Know the value of your data”. Validity’s flagship products are all highly rated, #1 solutions for CRM data management & access, and email deliverability & optimisation. Meaning more qualified leads, more productive sales, smarter campaigns, and ultimately faster growth. For more information, visit Validity.com and connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.