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Promote UK survey - Call for responses


Identify. Implement. Success.

The DMA is working in partnership with the Advertising Association and the Department for International Trade through the Promote UK group to support and grow exports for advertising and marketing communication services. The final aim is to encourage inward investment and secure access to the best possible talent for your company.

We want to know the right metrics to measure performance alongside identifying areas where more support is needed.

If you are the person that knows the most about your organisation’s export levels, client base and workforce, we definitely want to hear from you. If you aren’t, we would really appreciate if you could flag our questionnaire to an expert on the matter – we are 100% sure you have one (yes, we only need one).

The results of the survey will provide vital insight into our sectors’ performance, both at home and abroad.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact

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