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DMA Talent and skills survey


DMA Talent needs your help to raise awareness and address misconceptions about working in the data and marketing industry through its first ever skills survey.

The pace of the industry means that schools, colleges, and universities struggle to keep up with the changing nature of skills required by employers, but it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that they can.

We need to clearly define entry level roles, associated skills and progression routes to attract the best talent in a competitive market, and, to help influence the decision makers from parents all the way to government.

We’d like to get your views on recruitment strategies, apprenticeships, work placements and learn what your organisation’s marketing and data department has to offer to people with less than a years’ experience to build DMA Talent’s picture of the industry.

Click here to complete the survey

Not only will you help shape the future of our industry, you could also be in with a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Thanks for your help.

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