Driving marketing excellence

In an industry that never stands still, businesses and marketers need to be equipped with the latest skills and insight.

Our Institute has garnered a world renowned reputation for excellence by teaching customer-focussed courses that evolve as the sector does - led by industry professionals at the top of their game.

We drive the industry forward by empowering individuals and teams with the confidence, expertise and globally-recognised qualifications to advance their careers and shape the future of their businesses.

Qualifications and training

Your next step in your professional development. Courses curated by subject matter experts with years’ of data and marketing experience.

Corporate training

Equip your team with the knowledge they need to get even better at they do. Boost your brand and retain your best talent with skills licences, at scale, across your business.

Content and resources

Read up on the latest marketing best practice, techniques and opinion through videos, blogs and articles

Institute of Data & Marketing

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