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DMA Insight: Education and Leadership Required to Tackle Challenges

2020 will be remembered for the myriad challenges it has thrown at us all. When we asked marketers about the key challenges facing the data and marketing industry in the coming years, diversity, inclusion and a need to build more ethical approaches to data were mentioned as key issues.

Future Trends 2021

The Future Trends 2021 series is finally here. As with previous editions the objective of this collection is to inspire organisations to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.

DMA Insight: Coronavirus Creates Opportunity for Compassionate Marketing

Two-thirds of senior marketers told us the pandemic has had a negative impact on their business. However, a positive side-effect of the coronavirus, is the significant increase in brands compassionate and thoughtful approaches to how it markets to consumers.

Pandemic Mail Engagement Triggers Jump in Digital

Latest JICMAIL data reveals that during the coronavirus pandemic consumer engagement with mail has improved and it's proven more effective that never as a trigger to digital engagement.

Coronavirus: November 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The seventh phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of coronavirus reveals rising levels of concerns about the long-term economic effects, as businesses enter the pivotal festive season for many of them. Read on to find out how the latest lockdown and new restrictions have impacted the...

DMA Coronavirus Survey: Tell Us How the DMA Can Help You

Coronavirus continues to impact us all and much of the UK is facing the prospect of further restrictions over the Winter. So whether you’ve responded before or it’s your first time, your feedback will help ensure the support you and our industry needs throughout this time.

Coronavirus: September 2020 - Business Impacts Barometer

Find out how your organisation fits in with others across the UK data and marketing industry in response to the pandemic. Uncover the findings from the sixth phase of our examination of how businesses have been impacted in September.

Coronavirus: The Daily Digest

Coronavirus will have profound business impacts. We’re committed to keeping our Members up to speed on news, policy initiatives and the latest Government announcements with ramifications for the data and marketing industry, our community. This Daily Digest will update every 24hrs, and keep you...

Coronavirus: September 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The DMA’s survey into the impact of the Coronavirus, now in its sixth phase, reveals concerns about cashflows and jobs remain, leading the DMA’s CEO to call for further support to help protect people’s health and livelihoods. Read on to find out how the latest government restrictions may...