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Coronavirus: July 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The fifth phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the Coronavirus reveals first signs of recovery, but with heightened concerns about job retention. Read on to find out the latest views from the data and marketing industry amid the pandemic.

Coronavirus: June 2020 - Business Impacts Barometer

Find out how your organisation fits in with others across the UK data and marketing industry in response to the pandemic. Uncover the findings from the fourth phase of our examination of how businesses have been impacted in June.

Coronavirus: June 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The fourth phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the coronavirus reveals increasing concern and continued uncertainty in the data and marketing industry, despite the easing of lockdown measures.

Craft in the Age of Coronavirus - Sound Advice

Our first article in our new series, Craft in the Age of Coronavirus, looks at a fresh perspective on creative responses to the coronavirus from Simon Morgan, Founder of Bread & Butter, and Copywriter Ben Fitton. Find out why their project stands out, and how you can follow suit.

DMA Coronavirus Survey: Tell Us How The DMA Can Help You

As coronavirus continues to impact us across the UK data and marketing industry, it is critical that your organisation's needs are conveyed to the government. This monthly survey provides a barometer of attitudes, challenges and solutions across our industry towards the impacts of coronavirus.

Craft in the Age of Coronavirus

Our new series, Craft in the Age of Coronavirus, shines a light on creatives educating, entertaining, and encouraging us throughout the pandemic, keeping us informed – and inspired. A huge thank you to our talented contributors for sharing the process behind their creative work.

Coronavirus: This Was The Week That Was

The UK creative, data and marketing industries continue to respond to Coronavirus with key comment, light touches and creative inspiration. Each week this blog will pick several must-reads as we track effects on a data and marketing community facing up to a unique challenge. This week features...

Coronavirus: The Daily Digest

Coronavirus will have profound business impacts. We’re committed to keeping our Members up to speed on news, policy initiatives and the latest Government announcements with ramifications for the data and marketing industry, our community. This Daily Digest will update every 24hrs, and keep you...

10 Tips for Call Centre Employees Returning to Work

DMA Council Member David Freedman operated an office-based call centre throughout the pandemic. Here are his ten tips on how employees going back to work can stay safe.