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Thursday, 1st July 2021


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As the pandemic creates even more distance between businesses and their customers, the drive to increase efficient and effective marketing campaigns continues to intensify. Tune in to hear from The DPO Centre on the distinction between service and sales email messaging.

Knowing the difference between a service message and one that is marketing to your customers could save your business from ending up on the wrong side of the Information Commissioners Office.

Chaired by Komal Helyer, VP Marketing, Pure360, join our expert speakers Rob Masson, CEO, The DPO Centre and Stuart Freeman, Data Protection Officer, The DPO Centre who will be giving their take on marketing vs service emails, legitimate interests, and consent for direct marketing. During the webinar you will:

  • Discover the importance of consent and how it can use this correctly
  • Learn the key differences between service and marketing emails and how not knowing the difference can negatively impact your business
  • Have your questions answered by industry experts during our Q&A session

We'll see you online.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sian Pudney.

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