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Wednesday, 23rd June 2021


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Net Promoter Score has become an increasing focus for businesses, helping them react to customer sentiment, improve brand loyalty, and reduce churn. Tune in on Wednesday 23 June to hear from Royal Mail MarketReach and Waitrose & Partners to explore how mail can help you improve NPS.

The importance of Net Promoter Score (NPS) is undeniable. Your most loyal customers are your most valuable — especially during times of economic upheaval.

Having customers who are loyal to your brand is the best defence against losing commerce to new habits — Royal Mail MarketReach research found 59% and 61% of businesses respectively listing loyalty and retention as their most important objectives.

Learn how introducing regular mailing campaigns can transform NPS amongst your core audiences. Join us on Wednesday 23 June to:

  • Hear from Sophie Grender, Business Development Manager, Royal Mail MarketReach who will highlight the importance of NPS
  • Learn from Charley Howell, Assistant Marketing Manager, Waitrose & Partners who will discuss how Waitrose set out recognise and reward customers to prevent churn, increase spend and improve NPS

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