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Wednesday, 11th November 2020


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Join us to hear from DMA Scotland’s Vice Chair, Howard Barber as we explore how Scotland can ensure it is creating a constant stream of skilled employees to staff the data roles that organisations need to fill. Tune in for discussion, debate, and insights from the Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent whitepaper.

Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent calls for change in the way talent is approached to ensure Scotland can achieve the status of the data capital of Europe.

This paper calls on a range of experts to examine the potential pandemic data talent pool; and suggest ways to find and engage with the right people, even those who haven’t considered a career in data.

Join Howard Barber, Director of Insights and Analytics, Golden Charter, and Vice Chair, DMA Scotland as he outlines the key findings from Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent, a newly published paper from the DMA’s Value of Data campaign. Tune in to hear:

  • Why we should be aiming to discover new talent and how organisations can start to make changes to engage with the right people
  • How organisations can recruit and train a more diverse workforce, strengthening their team’s data skills and customer relationships
  • How to embrace touchpoints where ‘data’ should be and is taught, from the classroom to the boardroom

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