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Wednesday, 17th June 2020


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How can we truly ensure data is used as a force for good? Find out online on Wednesday 17 June. Gain valuable insights from experts; listen to a lively panel discussion; and have your questions answered.

How should data ethics be used as the foundation for sustainable and customer centric tech?

Tune in on Wednesday 17 June at 3pm to find out.

Chaired by Firas Khnaisser, Head of Decisioning, Standard Life Aberdeen and Chair of DMA Scotland, this one-hour webinar tackles the challenges posed by tech through ethical frameworks.

You will:

  • Discover how some organisations are using ethical constraints to build better, more innovative solutions – and how you can do the same
  • Listen to a lively panel discussion on how we can use data as a force for good
  • Gain valuable insight from experts including Olivia Gambelin, CEO, Ethical Intelligence
  • Learn more about our Value of Data campaign

Have your most pressing questions answered

We’ll see you online.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jaspria Roda.

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