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Wednesday, 30th September 2020


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How can you build trust with users to the extent that they feel comfortable sharing their banking data, and do so within the constraints of the Open Banking ecosystem? Tune in on Wednesday 30 September to hear from our experts from Sustainability, InBest, GofCoe, FinTech Scotland and Ethical Intelligence and have your questions answered.

Part of the FinTech Scotland Festival and the DMA’s continued mission to use data as a force for good, this webinar on Wednesday 30 September will explore the challenges, evolution, and balancing defensive and offensive data strategies around Open Banking.

This webinar will help push past business and consumer doubts, offering an honest and open discussion of the ethical responsibilities, benefits, and processes of Open Banking.

Firas Khnaisser, Chair of DMA Scotland and Head of Decisioning, Standard Life Aberdeen, will lead the session, which will cover:

  • Sustainability and how to build trust using Open Banking for good from Loral Quinn, CEO and Founder, Sustainably
  • Expert opinions from Manuel Peleteiro, Founder, InBest on howthey are using open finance to make sure that vulnerable customers receive the benefits they are entitled to and can access affordable credit
  • How to unlock the potential of financial data good with insights from Kevin Telford, Board Advisor, GofCoe
  • A panel discussion featuring experts from Sustainably, InBest, GofCoe, FinTech Scotland and Ethical Intelligence who will dissect the challenges of Open Banking and how organisations can overcome these obstacles

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jaspria Roda.

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