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Thursday, 19th November 2020


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Uncover the power of personalisation and brand authenticity and discover how it can be used to your advantage. Tune in for discussion, debate, and leading insights, you’ll unpick the theory and dive into the makings of personalisation and brand authenticity.

Key findings from the DMA's Pathways to Creativity research stated that creative consumers are far more likely to be interested in personalised branded experiences compared to non-creative consumers – 68% vs. 41% respectively.

As audiences increasingly seek personalised and authentic experience, brands must adapt to fulfil their customer’s needs.

Chaired by Tony Spong, Managing Partner, AAG you will also hear from:

  • Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA, who will discuss the DMA’s Pathway to Creativity research which will help you understand how you can use creativity to target your customers in 2020 and beyond
  • Ed Veasy, Direct Marketing Manager, MIND will explore MIND’s DMA Award Gold-winning campaign ‘Pause for Mind.’ Ed will offer insights as to how brand authenticity helped transition customers from one-time buyers to long term loyal supporters

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