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Wednesday, 31st March 2021


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Direct mail marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tools available, yet digital marketers using automation software tend to ignore it and therefore are missing an entire touch point opportunity. Tune in on Wednesday 31 March to explore ways of incorporating print in your marketing automation strategy.

As marketing organisations customise the digital experiences of their audience, they have a chance to create a more relevant and personal experience by adding printed direct mail into the equation.

This virtual event will look at how marketing automation can facilitate positioning print in an omnichannel environment, allowing for integration with other digital mediums.

Featuring case studies of successful marketing automation campaigns, and a panel focussing on the sustainability and digital integration of print, we will look at marketing automation from the different perspectives of tech providers, agencies, and brands.

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jaspria Roda.

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