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Wednesday, 30th March 2022

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The number of companies selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) has grown significantly during the pandemic. But what comes next? Find out alongside our Research Team and other experts.

The final event of our 2022 Future Trends Series, this online session will explore the transformation of D2C, and how it has helped brands engage customers.

In particular, you'll discover how businesses are looking to the next opportunity that the direct-to-consumer trend might offer.

Through a research presentation, brand case studies, and panel discussion, you'll uncover:

  • Examples of customer trends in the real world
  • How brand integrations can offer new opportunities to engage new audiences
  • Ways to create more personalised customer experiences

You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions to our panel of industry experts.

This event is part of our Customer Engagement campaign. Learn more, here.

Plus, check back for upcoming speaker announcements.

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jaspria Roda.

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