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Tuesday, 21st April 2020


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The power of door drops is still going strong. So, whether you’re a pro, or just want a quick refresher, join us, alongside Whistl, Newsquest Direct, EDIT, The Dragonfly Agency and JICMAIL who’ll take you through integrated planning for door drops, and show you want a successful door drop campaign looks like.

How do you create a successful and exciting door drop campaign?

That is the question, and something this webinar will deep dive into.

Mark Davies, Managing Director, Whistl will be chairing the webinar. We will be kicking things off with an introduction to door drops from Nick Brown, Sales Director, Newsquest Direct

We will also:

  • Hear from Cara Lawson, Client Services Director, The Dragonfly Agency on how GDPR can help to shape an acquisition strategy
  • Learn how to integrate door drops into multi-media campaigns from Ben Briggs, Media Director, EDIT and Deputy Chair of the Print Council
  • Discover seven things we need to know about door drops and JICMAIL from JICMAIL’s Data and Leaning Director, Ian Gibbs

It’s time to go all out with door drops and up the ante on your marketing campaigns.


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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ellie Turner.

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