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This event has sold out!

When & Where?

Tuesday, 26th March 2019

Transport for London
5 Endeavour Square
Westfield Avenue
Greater London
E20 1JN
United Kingdom

Ticket Information

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£400 (+VAT)


Join the DMA and Transport for London to find out new, innovative ways to collaborate and matter more to your customers, at the fifth iteration of the DMA’s Customer Engagement Labs. A perfect opportunity for senior creative, tech and data professionals to join each other in an immersive environment which will transform the way you work.

The Lab is now sold out, should you like to be added to the waiting list please email Anthony Renton

Redefine how you collaborate across teams in your business.

The session is set in a collaborative environment that will challenge your skills, add to them and give you new learnings and approaches to engagement to take away and use, straight away.

With a brief provided by Transport for London, you’ll join forces and work together in cross-discipline teams to find the best solution for TfL's challenge in a hackathon-style event.

The day will be bolstered by inspirational speakers and close support and guidance from a team of expert judges.

You’ll leave feeling inspired and ready to implement change in your day to day working life after understanding the need for and importance of cross-team collaboration.

You will:

  • Work on a live brief set by TfL, that encourages you to collaborate with other senior marketers to practically break down the silos between data, tech, and creativity
  • Be inspired to use the learnings from your Labs project to implement and develop real change within your own business and how it blends data, creativity, and tech
  • Be encouraged to view your Customer Engagement strategy in a different light

This is a learning-by-doing environment. Totally immersive, totally collaborative. You will take away crucial lessons in engagement principles and execution to help right now in your marketing approaches.

Click here to view the brief from Transport for London.

*DMA member organisations can apply for one free scholarship per year. For non members and any additional DMA member applicants from the same company, the cost of the course is £400 (+VAT).


Gary Jones, marketing and CRM manager, Swinton
“Attending the DMA Customer Engagement Lab allowed me to use my skills and experience to be part of a team that delivered a project idea in just one day, get that! It’s not often that you get to actually deliver an idea so quickly back in the real world, so this was something different and inclusive.! I would highly recommend this as a day for getting involved and coming away having learnt something!”


The Lab is now sold out, should you like to be added to the waiting list please email Anthony Renton

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Anthony Renton.

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