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Tuesday, 24th September 2019

Farmers and Fletchers
3 Cloth Street

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Reserve your ticket for discussion, debate, and leading insights at Customer Engagement 2019 where you will unpick the theory and dive into the makings of successful, profit-driving customer engagement.

Customer engagement sounds simple. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, they'll come back to you time after time.

But we're interested in the nitty-gritty – what's behind that rapport? We want to know what builds it.

We know that creativity, data, and technology are factors but how does the interplay work?

Customer Engagement 2019 will focus on the ways to woo prospective customers and improve your customer acquisition.

Tim Bond, Head of Insight, DMA will discuss the results of our newest report focused on acquisition and the consumer mindset, a pivotal piece of thought-leadership. He’ll cover everything from ‘serial switchers’ to ‘lost loyals’, and the new channels brands are using to connect with their customers.

You will:

  • Find out what it is that drives customers to switch or try new brands. We'll delve into the drivers behind customer's changing behaviour and what brands can do to attract and retain customers.
  • Hear a 2018 DMA Awards Gold winning case study, Untapped, from Reuben Turner, Executive Creative Director, GOOD Agency, and Nicholas Spandagos, IGE Manager Strategic Projects, WaterAid
  • Get insights from Tom Cheesewright, renowned Applied Futurist, about future engagement trends. How might we harness AI and AR to attract and retain consumers in tomorrow’s world?
  • Celebrate the power of print in a digital age and the importance of physical touchpoints for the conversion of more mature consumers, with Lisa Edwards-Webb, Marketing Director, Titan Travel
  • Hear more about our new customer engagement research project from the DMA and Foresight Factory

Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director, REaD Group, and Chair of the DMA Customer Engagement Committee, will set the scene for a day of expert insight and highlight key themes and ideas.

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ellie Turner.

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