Customer Engagement

It seems obvious. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, then they will buy from you again and again. We want to know what builds this rapport. We know creativity, data and technology are factors but we don’t know how the interplay works. That’s why we developed our Customer Engagement campaign, to find out what makes brilliant engagement, for the benefit of marketers and consumers everywhere.

Better engagement means better business.

Mar 31

Virtual: Marketing Automation in Print

Direct mail marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing tools available, yet digital marketers using automation software tend to ignore it and therefore are missing an entire touch point opportunity. Tune in on Wednesday 31 March to explore ways of incorporating print in your marketing automation strategy.

Mar 30

Webinar: A Time to Serve - Thoughtful Marketing

Join the DMA, Sprinklr and Bloom & Wild for practical advice on how to listen to your customers, then act and engage in a personalised and impactful way.

Thoughtful Marketing.png
Mar 16

Webinar: The Future of Retail - The Trends That Will Shape 2021 (and Beyond)

The pandemic has changed the way many people browse, compare, and shop for good. However, as the prospect of restrictions loosening and normalcy now on the horizon. What will this mean for the UK's high-streets, shopping centres, supermarkets, and independent retailers? Join the DMA, Datorama and Marks & Spencer to find out more about what the future holds for retail.

Future of Retail.png
Mar 11

Virtual: Future Trends - In-Game Brand Experience

Join us on Thursday 11 March as we investigate the rise of in-game brand experiences. Hear from industry experts and gain insights as to why and how the world of gaming has made user experience more valuable and engaging.


Future Trends: Power of Brand Coalitions

Following the revisited analysis of subscriptions, this next piece of our Future Trends 2021 series will focus on loyalty. Specifically, the power that brand coalitions could have on what both customer acquisition and loyalty programmes look like in the future.

Customer Data Council: Is Your Business Ready For Digital Transformation?

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are living differently, buying differently and in many ways, thinking differently. Read on to learn from the DMA’s Customer Data Council if your business is prepared for digital transformation.

Future Trends: Subscription Economy Surge

Uncertain times require anticipating and planning for multiple scenarios. For this reason, we would like to inspire you with new ideas to re-think the year ahead based on what your customers might be after. In this first article, we will focus on subscriptions, a trend that has seen a dramatic...

DMA Insight: Channel Challenges Between Generations

How do different generations of consumers trust the marketing they receive through different channels? The latest DMA analysis of its customer engagement data reveals the key differences between generational groups. Read on to find out what brands need to know.

Your Call Is Important to Us: A Podcast Series

The DMA Contact Centre Council have launched their new expert-led podcast series, designed to help improve call centre performances and customer service experiences, with interviews, talks, fads, tales of triumphs and debates and more.