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Harnessing the Power of JICMAIL to Measure the True Effects of Mail


Following an industry roundtable event including Sky, British Gas, PwC and MediaCom, JICMAIL have now released a whitepaper outlining a twelve-point checklist based on four key principles for applying previously unavailable mail interaction data to the marketing mix modelling process.

The measurement of marketing effectiveness has never been a more significant topic and JICMAIL is calling on econometricians to review the mail data used in their models.

Listen again to JICMAIL’s webinar to hear the white paper’s authors, Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL, and Louise Cook, Holmes & Cook, talk you through the necessity of updating econometric models with JICMAIL data using the twelve-point checklist.

Download the white paper and apply the twelve- point checklist to econometric models to measure the true effectiveness of mail.

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