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Duplicate Trophies and Certificates


Make sure you've got all the trophies and certificates the office mantlepiece can support.

And let's face it, having plenty of something to show off to your team, your clients and your Mum is never a bad thing.

If you would like to request any duplicate trophy or certificates, please fill in the form below.

Duplicate Certificate costs

  • 1 Certificate - £20 + VAT per Certificate
  • 2 – 5 Certificates - £15 + VAT per Certificate
  • 6 + Certificates - £10 + VAT per Certificate

Duplicate Trophy costs

  • Single Trophy - £375 + VAT
  • Multiple Trophies - £350 + VAT per Trophy

If you have any questions please contact the awards team on or call 0207 291 3362.

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Please select which category you would like to order a trophy or certificates for

Industry Sector


Travel and Leisure

Entertainment, Music and Publishing


Utilities and Telecommunications

Retail and E-commerce

Financial Services

Public Sector


Best B2B

Best B2C


Best Use of Email

Best Use of Social Media

Best Use of Unaddressed Print

Best Use of Mail

Best Use of Out of Home

Best Use of Film, Video or Moving Image

Best Use of Voice or Audio


Best Integrated Campaign

Best Launch Campaign

Best Brand Building Campaign

Best Customer Acquisition Campaign

Best Customer Journey

Best Customer Retention or Loyalty Programme

Best Performance Marketing Activity

Best Thoughtful Marketing Campaign

Best Sustainability Campaign


Best Use of Data and Insight

Best Data Storytelling

Best Use of Marketing Automation

Best Use of AI


Best Writing

Best Design or Art Direction

Best Creative Solution

Best UX

Grand Prix Shortlist

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