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I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve heard of this campaign before.

Best Creative Solution gold winner in the 2018 DMAs was – you guessed it – none other than MRM//McCann and McCann London, Microsoft, Xbox Design Lab Originals: The Fanchise Mode.

Xbox were faced with a problem. Their Design Lab, which offered gamers the ability to customise their controllers, wasn’t performing as expected.

The novelty of customising a controller wasn’t enough to boost engagement and sales; Microsoft needed to tap into gamers’ pride in their designs.

By leveraging the moment of creation, a reciprocal relationship could be built.

The trick was to tap into gamers’ sense of community and competition, unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit while celebrating and rewarding the creativity of their designs.

Cue the Fanchise Model.

Gamers began to behave like entrepreneurs, selling products on behalf of the brand. They spotted gaps in the market, claiming designs that would sell within their communities. Sports teams, flags, current events, even charitable causes... If it had a fanbase, someone owned a design around it.

Designers received artwork to help them market their designs – and Xbox supported the marketing through their own paid media.

All of this created a reciprocal return for Xbox Design Lab, increasing sales by 350%.

It’s a pretty awesome solution to a slump in the Design Lab.

How does your work compare?

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