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The DMA Awards are the proving ground for work that works. There are 36 categories in total, split across five tracks; Industry Sectors, Channels, Campaigns, Data and Tech and Craft. You can enter as a client, agency, or technology provider.

This is the Awards programme for you if your campaign has intelligent marketing at its heart.

Full category descriptions will be released in late Spring. If you have any questions, please contact our Awards Team who can answer your queries or arrange a time to talk you through the process, category selection and making the most of your DMA Awards Entry.

Industry Sectors

1. Automotive

2. B2B

3. B2C

4. Charity

5. Entertainment, Music and Publishing

6. Financial Services

7. Public Sector

8. Retail and E-Commerce

9. Sports

10. Travel and Leisure

11. Utilities and Telecommunications


12. Email

13. Film, Video or Moving Image

14. Mail

15. Out of Home

16. Social Media

17. Unaddressed Print

18. Voice or Audio


19. Brand Building

20. Customer Acquisition

21. Customer Journey

22. Customer Retention or Loyalty Programme

23. Integrated

24. Launch

25. Performance Marketing Activity

26. Sustainability

27. Thoughtful Marketing

Data and Tech

28. AI

29. Data and Insight

30. Data Storytelling

31. Digital Product

32. Marketing Automation


33. Creative Solution

34. Design or Art Direction

35. UX

36. Writing

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