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Welcome to the DMA in Scotland


DMA Scotland champions the interests of the data and marketing community, aiming to connect marketers with guidance and educate through networking and knowledge sharing.

Read the latest from around the Scottish community:

Alarmingly, industry statistics show there’s few women leaders the creative industry. A quick look at industry publications will show few senior female faces. With only 11% female UK Creative Directors, this is a massive under-representation of women in senior creative roles. Union Direct's Creative Director Sheryl Thomson describes her influences, obstacles she’s faced during her career and how she plans on tackling and encouraging culture change from recruitment to the boardroom. Find out more.

You would think data recruitment would be simple? It is sadly not, with experts detailing issues including a limited pool of talent prompting a skills shortage, the disparity between public and private sector salaries, and unconscious bias in the hiring process. In DMA Scotland's Vice Chair Howard Barber's recent article in The Scotsman, he explains how Scotland should ensure it's creating a constant stream of skilled employees from different talent pools to staff the spectrum of data roles that firms need to fill. Read on to find out.

Continue the exploration of data talent with another thought leadership article from Howard Barber where we learn how Scotland can achieve its goal of becoming the ‘data capital of Europe.’ Howard, as ever passionate on the topic of data talent pipelines, discusses in a comment piece in Digit, how cross-sector collaboration might help democratise Scotland’s data talent. Read more here to find out why Scotland’s data economy must recognise the need to continue to embrace fundamental change and reap the rewards investment in data can bring.

We're asking candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections to take the #DemocratiseDataPledge to support the democratisation of talent and widen access to the data industry. As you will know, our data industry has enormous potential to contribute to recovery from coronavirus through supporting individuals to find work and new opportunities; widening access increasing diversity in the industry and job market, and to lead Scotland and the wider world in innovative and ethical approaches to the use of data. Read more about our seven pledges, here. Please support us to encourage candiates at the Scottish elections to take the pledge, across your social media channels.

Building a team with strong data skills can provide businesses with fantastic development opportunities. Data for Good (DfG) is about data scientists giving back to society. But it’s not a one-way value exchange. If you choose the right project and create the right conditions, DfG projects can also be a valuable learning experience for your data team. Alistair Adam, Head of Analytics, Optima Connect provides guidance and advice on starting your own ‘Data for Good’ project here.

Thank you for reading and until next time.

Best wishes,

Lisa McLauchlan,
DMA Scotland Community Manager

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