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Welcome to the DMA in Scotland


Welcome to the last round-up of 2020. Here’s all the latest comings and goings from around the DMA in Scotland.

How Marketers Can Spark Customer Creativity Through Content

British consumers are showing an ever-expanding desire for customised content, as revealed in the DMA's recent research on Pathways to Creativity: Personalisation, giving brands opportunities to allow consumers show their creativity. The Copy House has insights into these new trends and what they mean for content marketers, along with their expert tips on how you can spark creativity in your customers and increase revenue, read them here.

Can We Market Our Way Out of This Mess?

The answer is absolutely yes. But, it’s a yes with a pretty large caveat. AlwaysBeContent explain why we need to embrace a new and kinder type of marketing and why every business needs to consider the personal, social, and ecological priorities of the world, and why we should be viewing our customers as complex beings rather than just consumers. Read it here.

Democratising Scotland's Data Talent

Scotland needs to ensure it’s creating a constant stream of skilled employees to staff the spectrum of current and future data roles. DMA Scotland's Talent Hub's expert-led Democratising Scotland’s Data Talent whitepaper explains how through DMA Scotland partnering with industry talent and lobbying with Scottish Government officials, we can establish the necessary data literacy skills being taught from grassroots level. You can also tune in to our on-demand webinar, Democratising Scottish Data Talent.

Scotsman 'Doing Data Together' Conference

Last month, the DMA partnered with The Scotsman and Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) for the Doing Data Together Conference as part of the DMA's Value of Data campaign.
The key focus of the conference was collaboration, and the range of panellists demonstrated a desire for cross sectors to join forces and unite for the greater good. The post-conference report is available to view online and you can also watch any sessions you missed through our Scotsman Conference roundup article.

University of Edinburgh Creative Informatics

Creative Informatics are looking for individuals and SMEs working in Edinburgh and South East Scotland that have the skills to provide data-driven solutions to Challenge Projects. Applications are open just now for three Creative Informatics funding and development opportunities. Read about all the opportunities here.

The University of Edinburgh's Bayes Centre have an exciting event coming up this week on Thursday 10 December; Data Debates: Talking about my generation.

Digit's Data Protection Summit is also happening on Thursday 10 December with core conference topics including:

• Key legal issues and obligations • Data security and encryption
• Privacy Impact Assessments • Databases, data mapping and classification
• Privacy by design • Practical strategy implementation

Please get in touch with Lisa McLauchlan if you have any content you would like to share with our Scottish community or would like to get involved with our initiatives.

DMA Scotland wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021.

Best wishes,


DMA Scotland Community Manager


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