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The DMA Group in the west and Wales


This month’s top news

Did you know it's more likely you'll catch a virus from a familiy member if they sneeze compared with a perfect stranger?  Congratulations to Tom Yardley and Alexis Gott - both students at Churchill Academy for doing a great mock agency pitch at Indicia's Bristol offices recently.  They showed a clear understanding of the brief and presented some excellent ideas for their fake news campaign!  And if you're wondering, the sneezing theory is a completely untrue alternative fact...

Dates for your diary

Essential appointments for the discerning marketer:

- Legal Update (Bristol) 2 May

- Copywriting Club (Bristol) 20 July

Remember: You can boost your profile by hosting events, leading as a speaker or by sharing your best content with us. 

Drop Andrew Buffrey a line to explore these opportunities further.

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