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So a key finding is that there needs to be more work done on attribution to make sure email effectiveness is properly measured. Another factor affecting click rates however is Google's move to cache images for all email going via its servers - this has the effect of meaning clicks are not registered even if they happen.

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We have all had to adapt to new ways of living and interacting over the last 12 months. This is significantly changed the relationship between consumers and brands, particularly the marketing messages the latter send. What are the main changes? How did email play in this match? Read on to find out.

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Bavaria's BayLDA rules that MailChimp's sending of EU citizens' data to the USA is unlawful under GDPR, even with Standard Contractual Clauses in place.


Email lives within an ecosystem of numerous other channels. But which should be included when building a multi-channel approach? How do customers use their inbox? And how do they respond to brand emails? Here’s a snapshot from our Consumer Email Tracker 2021 report to answer all of this and more.

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The Consumer Email Tracker is highly valuable when it comes to helping marketers walk a mile in their subscribers’ shoes, providing an effective mirror for changing subscriber behaviours, especially when broader drivers are at play. The recently launched 2021 edition (sponsored by Validity) is no exception: the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the continuing GDPR “Halo Effect” are clearly visible, as the following key take-outs show.

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